About Us

AtoZ Entertainment is a One-Stop shop for all of your entertainment needs for any occasion. Our main aim is to keep you hassle-free, so that you can focus on booking the best of entertainment for your every occasion. Atoz Entertainment is your all in one. We have many services that you may be looking for. To make it easy for you we have it all on one website to make your event planning stress-free.

Why you should sign up?

By signing up with us you will be updated regularly with the latest services ensuring you to have the most exciting and new entertainment available for your event. You will also be able to see events happening near your area such as; music concerts, club nights and many more.

What we do?

Don’t waste your money or time in paid advertisement. By signing up with an online directory, you can be certain that the visitors on the site are your potential customers.

As a business, you will see that the AtoZ Entertainment platform can draw in your target audience. This will ensure that your business continues to drive the conversation with potential clients both in busy and quiet times. Data has shown that 97% of people use the internet in order to search for local business, this means that the right advertisement is key for business recognition.

At AtoZ Entertainment we focus on advertising your services to the potential customers rather than forcing the customer to hunt through many search engines to find services.

It’s a win-win situation!

Our job is to find you the right audience. Atoz entertainment is a platform for all businesses/ services and artists who are looking to promote, grow and get their business out in the public. By signing up with Atoz entertainment you can create a listing page of your business.

How we can benefit your services?

• Expand Online Presence
• Recognition Around The UK
• Attract New Customers
• Strengthen Your Reputation
• Keep up to Date with your Market
• Improve Local Visibility
• Increase Engagement
• Increase your Brand Awareness
• Promote Word of Mouth
• Improve SEO

By signing up and becoming a member you will gain access to all the features provided by AtoZ entertainment. Members can build a customer following, add events, sell tickets and build your own merchandise on our website; all for a bargain price.

Our team will promote your business for you, we work 24/7 in order to produce a high demand of work for you.


Create your listing starting from just £9.99 a month.

Unlike other advertising/directory companies ATOZ ENTERTAINMENT offers our clients more than just a LISTING on our page. We will promote your business and the moreover. As AtoZ Entertainment grows our customers will grow. Once a person signs up with ATOZ you will become and part of AtoZ team and exposed to the entertainment industry.

Advertising with us

Why you should let us advertise your business/service

Advertising attracts new customers

The market is ever-changing, and the flow of new consumers moving in and out of your area is constant. This means your advertisements will reach a new target audience. Advertising shows consumers that are new to the market that your business is the top of the line and that it is one that they want to visit.

Advertising promotes repeat business

Due to many choices that the consumer can make, at times loyal consumers can stray away from previous business with the hope of other options. Through advertisement, your consumer is reminded why they initially chose your business and why they should continue to do so.

Advertising helps your business compete

There’s only so many consumers in the market that will be willing to buy your services or product at any given time. Through advertisement, your business can take lead against other competitor businesses. This is your way of convincing the consumer that your business is the best and only choice for them.

Advertising makes your company money

Advertising works. Advertising is communicating with your customers, attracting them to your business and increasing your sales. When consumers see strong and positive advertisements, they are more willing to buy your product or services. Investing in advertisement for your business make it grow and succeed.

Advertising produces continuous business

Not every consumer is going to need your business’s product or services straightaway, but everyday there will always be a new consumer ready to buy. Advertising makes sure that the consumer acknowledges that when they are in need of a product or service, they can turn to your business. A continuous number of consumers visiting your business is the initial step to increase your sales. The increase of consumers means the increase of business sales.

Advertising keeps your business at the top of your consumer’s mind

With so many options available to the consumers at times, they will want to shop around and compare different products. Advertising ensures that your business is always at the front of a consumer’s mind reminding them why they should choose you. The aim is for them to always compare your business with others.

Reach more customers on our platform

Your targeted audience

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people online, but that doesn’t mean that all of these people are necessarily your target audience.

Advertising on our platform can allow you to target the specific audience you are trying to reach. According to Search Engine Journal, “75-80% of users ignore paid ads” in search results. Instead of putting all of your money behind paid search results, consider investing in a listing in an online directory. By choosing to be included in an online directory that is hosted on a specific site with a targeted audience base, you can increase the visibility of your business to the consumers you are trying to reach.


More traditional forms of advertising, such as radio or television, require your audience to be present at a certain time and/or place. If your audience isn’t tuned-in to the right channel at the right time, they will miss your message.
By advertising on our platform, your message and your business will always be available and viewable when your audience is looking for you.

You will gain control

If you are a business owner, you likely rely on referrals as at least one source of leads or new business. Word of mouth (WOM) is one of the greatest forms of marketing, but you can lose some control of your message. By advertising on AtoZ Entertainment, you can set the exact message that you want to send to your audience.


What is the first thing you do when you need new marketing ideas? What about when you decide it’s time to change the way you keep the books finally? Or even notice a flat tire in the car?
My guess: you turn to Google.
But did you know that 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers do the same?
Faced with a problem, challenge or even a choice, they google it. Simply.
And so, it’s a cold, harsh truth that without at least some presence in Google, your business is unlikely to survive long.

Not only do you have the ability to set the exact message you want to send, but you also have the ability to change your messaging based on current events, sales cycles, or seasonality. The advantage of using AtoZ Entertainment over a Facebook and Instagram is that you can easily manipulate your message and stay relevant in your customers’ eyes. 

Advertising on our platform is a great way to increase exposure, control your message, and gain the trust of consumers online. But before you consider advertising anywhere online, there are certain questions you need to ask to make sure it is the right fit for you


Our Packages

Choose the right package for your business
Business Free Package
  • 5 Image Gallery
  • 2 Video Gallery
  • Add Business Phone Number
  • Add Email Address
  • Add Contact Form
Business Advance Package
  • Upto 50 Upload Images Gallery
  • Upto 15 Upload Videos Gallery
  • Add your Business Phone Number
  • Add Business Description
  • Add your Service Price Range
  • Get Statistic analysis
  • Add Email Address
  • Add Contact Form
  • Add your Youtube Channel for more Visitors
  • Connect your Website with your listing
Business Unlimited Package
  • Unlimited Images Gallery
  •  Unlimited Videos Gallery
  • Add your Business Hours & Availability
  • Add your Business Phone Number
  • Add Business Description
  • Add your Service Price Range
  • Unlimited Statistic analysis
  • Add Email Address
  • Add Contact Form
  • Add your Youtube Channel for more Visitors
  • Link your Facebook page for more Visitors
  • Link your Instagram account for more Visitors
  • Connect your Website with your listing
  • Unlimited Service Tags
  • Get Top search on AtoZ Entertainment
  • Get place on homepage
  • Appear on recommended slide bar
  • Get place on top listings
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